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Peace Map

Filmed presentation on Peace Map artworks, Depot Artspace, Devonport, Auckland

Cultural Icons

Richard Wolfe interviews Nigel Brown, Jam Radio, Depot Artspace, Devonport, Auckland


Living Icons

Denys Trussell interviews Nigel Brown, Jam Radio, Depot Artspace, Devonport

Artists @ Work

By Richard Wolfe and Stephen Robinson. Published by Penguin


Talk Talk

Television interview with Finlay Macdonald, produced by Colin Hogg

The Expressive Forest

By Denys Trussell. Published by Brick Row Publishing

New Zealand Portraits

By Richard Wolfe. Published by Penguin

The Painted Garden in New Zealand Art

By Christopher Johnstone. Published by Random House NZ


Will to Meaning (catalogue)

Notes by Barry Brickell, Warwick Henderson Gallery

Art New Zealand No. 124

Will To Meaning – A Painter's Language In The Fabric of History by Denys Trussell


Allegories (catalogue)

Essay - Three Paintings In The Architecture of Delusion by Denys Trussell for Tinakori Gallery, Wellington


Dance of the Origin (catalogue)

Essay by Nicola Mutch for Milford Galleries, Dunedin

This Thing In The Mirror

By Claire Finlayson. Published by Craig Potton Publishing

Truth Beyond Appearances

Edited by Helen Pearson. Published by Interactive Education Ltd


NZ Herald July 30: Letters to McCahon

By Malcolm Burgess


Contemporary NZ Art 3

By Elizabeth Caughey and John Gow. Published by David Bateman

Art New Zealand No. 104

This Way, That Way – Nigel Brown’s Brush With History by Richard Wolfe


The Unframed Continent

Photography by M. Single & J. Ackley, film produced by Natural History NZ Ltd

Possessions, Indigenous Art/Colonial Culture

By Nicholas Thomas. Published by Thames & Hudson, London

Art New Zealand No. 90

All things Bright and Beautiful by Hugh Maguire


NZ Listener July 19

In Search of Landmarks by David Eggleton


Contemporary Painting In New Zealand

By Michael Dunn. Published by Craftsman House in association with G & B Arts International

Lands & Deeds

By Gregory O’Brien. Published by Godwit Publishing Ltd


Art New Zealand No. 67

Living in Aotearoa by Riemke Ensing


Images of War (catalogue)

By Tony Martin. Published by Dunmore Press


New Zealand Painting: A Modern Perspective

By Elva Bett. Published by Reed Methuen


Critic Vol. 61

Living in the Bomb Age by Sonja Van Kerkhoff

Contemporary NZ Painters Vol. 1

Jim and Mary Barr; Alister Taylor


Art New Zealand No. 28

Gains & Losses by Warwick Brown


Landfall No. 137

William Millet discusses Nigel Brown


NZ Listener June 2

Telling Stories by Neil Rowe

Elva Bett Gallery Newsletter No. 11

Nigel Brown and the Iconography of Conscience by Denys Trussell

Art New Zealand No. 12

Exhibitions by John Tarlton


Landfall No. 128

Text and My Paintings by Nigel Brown


Art New Zealand No. 3

Exhibitions by Denys Trussell